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From Prisoner to Prime Minister in 1 day…

Thursday, March 20, 2014 by Terri in Uncategorized

The last week’s Old Testament lessons have recalled the story of Joseph. He went from being a brash and favored child to someone unjustly sold into slavery by his brothers and eventually imprisoned for more than 13 years. What a horrible pathway of life! Yet along the way, God blessed and favored Joseph. Even in jail he was placed in charge of running the jail, because he was so gifted at whatever he did. In a triumphant moment, God raised Joseph out of jail and put him in charge of all of Egypt–in one day! Only Pharaoh was more powerful than Joseph. Wow! What a reversal of destiny.
What’s my point? It is easy for our challenges to overwhelm us. They press upon us, confuse us and take away our courage and hope. Sometimes our faith is shaken. Take heart! God forms and guides you–even when your challenges press hard about you. There is no prison from which God cannot free you. There is no challenge which God cannot change to victory. My friends, walk the path of faith, you are not alone!

Grace & Peace,


The “Going” Savior

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 by Terri in Uncategorized

     In today’s gospel reading (Mark 1:29-45), the story is told of Jesus healing a man with leprosy.  After the healing, Jesus tells the man to tell no one until he had first shown the priest and had made appropriate offerings to the Lord.  He would be fully restored to the community thereafter.  But how could he contain such joy and wonder?  Instead he immediately tells everyone the good news and shows them how well he is.  The fallout? – Jesus being a missionary who enters a town to find people. – That’s the fallout.  Jesus wanted to be a “going” savior.  He wanted for himself the very thing he tells us to do: Go!

Go and find a person of peace who will welcome you and then tell the good news of God’s love and Kingdom.  Instead the cured leper made Jesus a local ‘”rock star.” He had to stay out of towns of the region and wait for the people to come to him.  I wonder what might have happened had the man simply done that which Jesus had asked?  It makes me think a lot about how much Jesus valued “going,” as well as what Jesus is now asking me to do.
I wonder what lesson you may draw from this?  How will you respond?

Grace & Peace,


See and Know– Sundays of Epiphany

Friday, January 17, 2014 by Fr. Mark in Christian Spirituality&News&Uncategorized

I wonder what you do to help you assess the present moment and consider what lies ahead? Sometimes, it simply helps to stop, take a step back, consider the big and small pictures and life, and move forward in a way that you can see clearly to go.  All sorts of helpful tools exist to help people assess their lives, circumstances, and how to move forward.


When I consider Jesus’ baptism, I find myself seeing his actions in this sort of light. During this present season of “Epiphany,” we aim to see clearly with understanding that which the Bible teaches about Jesus’ identity and about his mission.  Between last Sunday the 12th and the upcoming Sunday the 19th, we have a two part exploration of what was proclaimed at Jesus baptism.  In Matthew 3, we see God makes a new “creation” as Jesus is identified as the unique Son of God upon whom the favor and power of God rests. In that scene, we see Jesus, the Spirit in the form of of dove “lighting upon him,” and the booming voice of the Father, “This is my beloved son, whom I love. With him I am well pleased.”  As when “all of God” created the first time in Genesis 1-2, we see “all of God” (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), creating again. In Genesis, God declared each step of creation “good,” and in Jesus it is good again, “well pleased.”

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Praying the Hours

Thursday, October 6, 2011 by Fr. Mark in Uncategorized

(Message re-posted from eNews of Sept 30 and including an added note from today, October 6, 2011.)

On Sunday, Sept.25, I threw out a challenge to those in worship. By extension, the challenge goes to my whole church, whether you were there or not.  I mentioned that most churches of which I am aware which successfully “turned-around” from a place of brokenness and genuinely grew into a mission minded church did so on the foundation of prayer. No targeted ads, programs, skilled preaching or great music trumped the humility that came with earnest prayer in community as a practice of the church. I think sometimes we need to desperately seek God together before God’s blessing of growth and fruitfulness comes in ways obviously visible to us and experienced by us. We must seek him personally—and even more to the point, we must seek him together.

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Way of Life

Friday, June 11, 2010 by Fr. Mark in Blog&Christian Spirituality&Uncategorized

Over the last several years I have seen lots of individual congregations attempt various ways to reach out to their community and offer a variety of worship services, Bible studies, and classes. All of this is done with great thought and sincerity, effort and prayer, and funds and volunteer teamwork. Yet, on the whole, the church-at-large in our area struggles to make an impact and reach people for Christ. We, the Church, do not merely struggle to reach non-Christians, but in reality we struggle to reach Christians, too, who have stopped regularly participating in the life of the Church. I cannot help but wonder, is this because we, the Church, make too much of a habit of inviting people to programs and events rather than inviting them to live a way of life revealed by Jesus?
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